Voice Acting

We are currently looking for the right voice for a main story telling NPC for this project.

This NPC will have a lot of lines , more like a book, to read across the whole project. It is a key part , if not the BIGest of any part we will have. So there will be a lot of time spent reading and recording.

That said this project is an Open Source project, so anyone is more then welcome to help with the creation of it. Which is why we are always looking for people who would enjoy helping in one of the following areas. Voice acting, 3D model creation, scripting (a basic C code), textures, artwork, writing, text doc editing.

Our team is full of people who give up hours and hours of their time for free. Some of which have been working on it for a few years now. I say this because we will not be paying people to do voice acting. To pay a few people for what they do for the project while so many do it for free would be saying that their time is worth so much more then others. There for, we will not be paying anyone to work on this project that we are creating for free. That is right some of us have been working for years on this project totally free, we will not be making any money off of it. This project is being created for fans by fans. Some of us put in more then 40 hours in a week (not everyone and not every week) totally free because this is a labor of love.

Some people put in a few hours a month some of us put in a few or even more hours each day. I know I have had weeks were I have put in over 70+ hours. That said this is something we all do in our free time after work, school, and/or family time, because we enjoy it.

Another thing to keep in mind since this is an Open Source project, we will be releasing all of our content to the NWN community for free to do what they want with it once we launch our server.

If this is something that you would enjoy being part of like the rest of us, then great. If not we totally understand and no hard feelings. We are looking for like minded people who would enjoy creating this project with us.

That said if you would like to do some voice acting for this project we may have smaller parts later but this first part is at the top of our list and is really important to get the right voice

This NPC is called The Wanderer, he has traveled the world, seeing and experiencing a lot. He has a journal that he writes everything down in and we want someone to read his journal. So it will be a voice explaining the world and places of interest to players.

The Wanderer is believed to be a male, so we were looking at a rough experienced man who has spent many years traveling across a harsh desert world.

Now even though we are looking at The Wanderer as a male if the right female voice came a long we wouldn’t rule it out we would give it a fair review.

Also we have a sound team who can clean things up and add noises or music if we feel its needed.

We do have a few people who are currently on the team who are interested and may be trying out for the part as well. But its about finding the right voice which is why we want to give everyone who might be interested in the part a fair chance.

Please contact us if your interested in Voice Acting for this project at all. Even if don’t get or want this part, we will keep you on file for future ones.

Anyone is more then welcome to record the following below and send it to use to review.

The Wanderer’s Journal

“I live in a world of fire and sand. The crimson sun scorches the life from anything that crawls or flies, and storms of sand scour the foliage from the barren ground. Lightning strikes from the cloudless sky,and peals of thunder roll unexplained across the vast tablelands. Even the wind, dry and searing as a kiln, can kill a man with thirst.”

“This is a land of blood and dust, where tribes of feral elves sweep out of the salt plains to plunder lonely caravans, mysterious singing winds call men to slow suffocation in a Sea of Silt, and legions of slaves clash over a few bushels of moldering grain.The dragon despoils entire cities, while selfish kings squander their armies raising gaudy palaces and garish tombs.”

“This is my home, Athas. It is an arid and bleak place, a wasteland with a handful of austere cities clinging precariously to a few scattered oases. It is a brutal and savage land, beset by political strife and monstrous abominations, where life is grim and short.”

If you or anyone you know might be interested then get in touch with me and we will give you something to read and record for us to review.

You can reach us

Thanks for your time

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