Editing NWN 2da’s

We need to make a lot of changes to NWN 2da files in order to convert NWN (Forgotten Realms) to Dark Sun (Athas)

What we need done

First it would be a good idea to somewhat look over the two links above to just get an idea of what a 2da is.

As you can see on the right hand side of this page there are two sets of 2da’s. The first being all the current 2da’s (text documents) for NWN. The second are a few 2da’s for our project (SoT) that Grymlorde has changed up for us already.

Now the problem with the SoT 2da’s that Grymlorde made changes to for us is that BeamDog updated the 2da’s for NWN changing some of them up. There for we need to go back over all the SoT 2ds’ and see what all BeamDog did that may effect the ones we have that have been changed. If something was changed on one or more of them then we need to edit our 2das to reflect the changes that Beamdog made.

Once we have gone over all the SoT 2da’s, comparing them with the same 2da from NWN and making what changes are needed, Then at that point we can start to make the other changes that we need to make to the other 2da’s

If you look over the right right side of this page you will see a List of Changes if you down load this text doc you will see some of the changes that we are currently wanting to make.

There for if you look over the two links above and get a little understanding what a 2da is. A long with taking the time to down load both the NWN 2da’s and our SoT 2da’s from the right side of this page. Then select the 2da that you wish to work on, you can then look up/search for that two just like I did in the screenshots below. This will allow for you to read and understand the 2da that your looking at. It will help you to know what it is that your changing.

If you look at the screenshot below at the top you will see where I typed Class 2da in the search

You will see class 2da as an option in the screenshot below

Which takes you to a page that talks all about the class 2da

You can do this for each 2da to help you understand that 2da Before making changes to it

At this point you should be able to start making changes to 2da’s. The first being the SoT ones if they need any changes that is.

I dont’t think you need to delete NWN classes. I believe there is a way to just turn them off so they don’t show up at character selection. You may be able to do this with a lot of things. I’m not totally sure because I have spent most of my time creating the 3d models needed for this project. Along with updating this website, our Twitter page all the 25+ facebook groups, and other website forums. I also work with each group/team to help them get what they need and with any questions that they may have.

We have recruited well over 20+ people who claim that they wanted to help over the past two years, while we have been really busy creating 3D models, but one one has ever done any work (Grymlorde) everyone else said that they didnt have time after joining to help, which doesn’t make since. However we all get some kind of free time. I know that I’m married with a full time job, 5 kids who all play sports year round, I also coach sports Fall, Winter, and Spring. Plus I have two small side jobs that I work on from time to time.

One might say that I shouldn’t have any free time at all, but I still find free time. I know that I get up 15 to 20 minutes early most mornings before work just to do a little something for the project. I also try to get time on my lunch to do something as well. Then if I really don’t have time at night when I get home from work. I will still try to do a little something 10 to 15 minute before going to bed.

We are human all humans and if we want to do something we find the time. On the other hand if we don’t care for something we just don’t seem to find time for it. Now we all have the right to do what we want with our time and we should be doing what we want to with it. That is why I feel if someone is going to help with this project they should be working on something that they want to be working on so that they will find the time to do it.

The cool thing about 2da is that your setting up the races, classes, skills, spells, and so on that really is going to shape the game because these are the things players will be playing and using every time the are on the game. To me that is exciting , which is why I will work on the 2da’s my self once I have have all the 3D models needed to launch the server. The only problem with that is it will just take a lot longer to launch a server. Because once the 2das are done then we need to do a lot of play testing and then going back and tweaking. If there is other people working on the 2da’s while I’m working on 3D models then we can get the 2da’s done and start play testing and tweaking them while I’m still working on the models. The models is going to take a long time to create and get done for the tilesets. New tilesets take a lot of time to create and setup.

Jest let me know if you have any questions and I will do what I can to help.

Tools for Editing 2da’s

NWN 2da’s

Get a complete copy of all of the original unchanged 2da’s for NWN.

SoT 2da’s

Get a copy of all the 2da’s that we have made changes to for our project.


This is a text document highlighting the changes that we want to make to NWN.

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