About Us


The idea for created Dark Sun for NWN started back in 2016 when Dizzitt Gardan came to me with the idea and asked if I (Tonden Ockay) would be willing to head it up. After thinking and talking about it for a few weeks we decided to try and make it happen. So we created the NWN Dark Sun project. However we didn’t know anything about creating textures, 3D models, scripts, or anything at all when it came to custom content. There for the first few years was really about learning how to go about creating the content. Which meant we had to learn new programs we had never used before. So it wasn’t until the summer of 2018 before we focused on recruiting people and forming a so we could really start creating the project.

Sands of Time Server

All that said Dizzitt and I didn’t see eye to eye on the direction of the project. So as we started getting more into the 2da and scripting side of things Dizzitt and I decided it would be best to have our own projects. Since it was Dizzitt’s idea to start up NWN Dark Sun in the first place he took on that project full time.

There for, I left the NWN Dark Sun project in the spring of 2020 and took the summer off to take care of some real life thing. Then going into fall of 2020 I started working on creating my own Dark Sun team/project (Dark Sun Sands of Time).

Working together

I still have contact with the NWN Dark Sun team and we share the content that we create with each other. So even though we are two different teams/projects we are working together to create all the content needed to bring Dark Sun to NWN.

Links to both projects can be found here


Open Source

 Both projects were started with the idea of releasing all content created to the community once it was done. We wanted it to be more of an open source project allowing anyone to help and/or use however they want.


Over all Project Goals
  • Help bridge the gap a bit more between PnP and video game D&D
  • Create a 3D President World of Athas (Dark Sun) using NWN
  • Draw new players to the NWN community
  • Promote Open Source
  • Create a Huge amount of content for the NWN community to use as they wish
  • Help others to see what can be done with NWN
  • Encourage others to create custom content for NWN
  • Help others to learn how to create custom content for NWN
  • Encourage others to collaborate/work together to make NWN better for everyone
Server Goals

Is to create a living breathing 3D world of Athas (Dark Sun) using NWN. A harsh; brutal, post apocalyptic, medieval, fantasy, desert world where players have to manage their daily resources just to stay a live. A world where being a wizard or owning a magical item can get you killed. A place where metal is so rare that if you own a metal weapon it can almost feel as if you own a magical item. 

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