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Our Vision/Goals

Open Source

This projects was started with the idea of releasing all content created to the community once it’s all done. We wanted it to be more of an open source project allowing anyone to help and/or use however they want.

Over all Project Goals

  • Help bridge the gap a bit more between PnP and video game D&D
  • Create a 3D PW (President World) of Athas (Dark Sun) using NWN
  • Create a Huge amount of content for the NWN community to use as they wish
  • Help others to see what can be done with NWN
  • Draw new players to the NWN community
  • Encourage and help others to create custom content for NWN
  • Encourage others to collaborate/work together to make NWN better for everyone
  • Promote Open Source

Server Goals

Is to create a living breathing 3D world of Athas (Dark Sun) using NWN. Which is a very harsh, brutal, post apocalyptic, medieval, fantasy, desert world where players have to manage their daily resources just to stay a live. A world where being a wizard or owning a magical item can get you killed. A place where metal is so rare that if you own a metal weapon it can almost feel as if you own a magical item. 

We need to keep the server feeling this way no matter what level players are. After all if at any point it no longer feels like a harsh, dangerous, brutal world. Then its no longer Dark Sun (Athas) the world we all have grown to love.

Content on this server CAN NOT become weak and pointless.


DM’s will have a lot of interaction with players. They will help players with questions or problems that they may have. As well as run small and large DM events.

Long story short DM’s need to have good people skills because they are on the front lines dealing with players on a daily bases. They are like our public relations team.

DM’s for our server are selected form the Admins that work on and help out with other parts of this project.

Writers (stories/adventures)

Writers will play a very large part in bringing the server to life.

Stories and adventures are about what is going on in daily life on Athas with the races and creatures who live here. So stories and adventures not only should but need to feel as if they are part of every day life.

Things happen everyday on Athas. Everything doesn’t have to be epic creature hunting or dungeon exploring. Instead it could be merchants fighting over trade routes, nobles fighting over land and political status. It could even be about what is going on with buying and selling on the black market. A player could even just stop to help someone who got jumped in a alley or who got a broken wagon wheel. Which could lead into something much more for getting involved (good or bad). If you thinking about it if someone is rising then someone else is falling. There are going to be unhappy people no mater what happens. The point is that there is just so much that can be wrote about every day life and turned into short or long stories/adventures.

We are always looking for people who would like to write stories/create adventures for the project.

Area builders

The key is to create areas that look really nice an inviting for players to stop and look or even want to explore.

The areas should look lived in and interesting.

Area Design

We don’t use the standard tilesets that come with NWN. Instead we use a lot of custom tilesets which you can find a list of here.

Character Design (races and classes)

This area of the project is all about creating and setting up classes, races, and their skills/abilities. Now scripting isn’t needed for this part of the project. However one does need to be able to . . .

  • Look through D&D books
  • Read over documents pertaining to changes for this server
  • Edit excel and text files
  • Document changes
  • Communicate and work with others
  • Up and download files
  • Play test changes

There are already a lot of unique classes and races on Athas (Dark Sun). Plus we want to create some sub classes (class kits), there for we could use more help in this area of the project from those who would be interested in it.

Scripters (code)

Scripters play a HUGE part in what we are doing with this project.

They are the ones who will make this project really feel like Athas (Dark Sun). In order for that to happen there are a lot of systems, skills, and so on that needs to be created. So that all the races, classes, creatures, items, and the environment works as they should for the world.

There for, we are always in need of people who would like to help with the creation of scripts .

3d Modelers

These are the ones who are creating all the eye candy. We are trying to get as close to the old Dark Sun art as we can. Our goal is to make this project really look like the world of Athas.

We have created a lot of 3d models for this project already. However there is so much more that we would like to create and do as we keep expanding and growing. There for we can’t have enough 3d modelers on the team.


When it comes to creating custom content it really just comes down to if you want to do it or not. Because if you want to do something then you will find the time to learn and/or do it. However if you don’t like or care for something then most of the time you just won’t get around to doing much of anything for or with it.

So the bottom line is find what you like/enjoy to do and you will excel.

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