Character Creation

RP (Role Playing) Server

First this isn’t an Action or Power Gaming server.

All the Epic and other feats are gone. There is no Monk, Paladin, Barbarian, or NWN Priestage Classes, they all have been removed. Wizards and Clerics have been changed up a bit a long with some spells. So just forget all you know about creating a character for NWN.

Second Player’s who Role Play well earn RPP (Role Playing Points) over time giving them really nice XP bonuses to all the XP they earn. While Players who don’t Role Play will need a “Lot” more XP to level.

RPP points will also be needed to unlock other parts of the game.

  • Holding a position with in a city
  • Advanced levels
  • Becoming an Advanced being
  • New playable races
  • New pets
  • New mounts

That is right players who RP well will get and be able to do more then players who don’t, because this is an RP server.

Creating a Character for Dark Sun SoT (Sands of Time)

Now that we know this is a server that’s focused on RP lets start creating a living breathing character for the world of Athas .

  • What race do you want this character to be?
  • Who were their parents and what did they do?
  • Where were they born and where are they from?
  • How were they raised?
  • What is their personality?
  • How do they view life?
  • What skills do they know?
  • What is their alignment?
  • What class fits this character?

Answering these questions above will help to get you started on a nice back story for your character. As well as to get you focusing on this character being a living breathing person who lives on the world of Athas.

A little more in deapth

Class & Build

Useful Links:
▶ General Level Progression Table
▶ Class List
▶ Races and Racial Bonuses
▶ SoT’s Various Mechanical Changes

The chosen class and build depends on the playstyle you feel like playing, or trying out. SoT server goes up to level 40, with a chance for some classes to gain advanced being levels beyond level 40.

Purely for the fun of it, I’d advise you to make your own build rather than to copy one. Besides, the prefab builds usually work with Prestige Classes are not in SoT.
As your character might be around for months, it’s important you pick a style you feel good about playing or trying out. Certain classes have a bigger impact on the character’s roleplay than others, and creating a build in advance might help you have a more enjoyable experience in terms of survivability and also give you an idea of the character’s future progress.

Quote from:  Example

Is your character heading towards having archery feats and weapon specialisation? Why not organise hangout trainings for other PCs and be an instructor?

Abilities and Character

The feats, skills and abilities can speak of your character just as much as their personality and alignment does.
How much of survivability do you wish to sacrifice to the character’s origins and story is purely up to you. The healthiest option for the start is to find a balance of the both.
In case your character has an ability of a score 9 and lower, you could consider showing it in the form of a weakness.

Quote from:  Example

A character with 6 strength is physically weak, so you might decide that they shouldn’t be able to mine and do blacksmith work. It might have to do with their lifestyle, with an event from their past, or an illness that causes their muscles to weaken…

Race Choice

While simply being an adventurer is an oddity among any, there’s certain philosophies, views, mannerisms and more which may come with each race and subrace. Below is a short summary of main info about each basic race in SoT.


Alignment, even though chosen with the character creation, deserves a little more focus. Some of the alignments are taken in an entirely wrong way, and this chapter is to give perhaps another look at each of them while leaving you plenty of space for the character quirks and for who they are. Alignment choice is also an important part of the character‘s world view.
To make it shorter, the “you” in the descriptions stands for your character.

Let’s start with the two ranges.
Good -> Evil  =  Determines whether the character is more keen to prioritise others, a small group, or themselves only.
Lawful -> Chaotic  =  Determines whether the character tends to follow the rules, make situational exceptions, or follow their own moral code regardless of the standards.

Personality – Basics

These are a series of questions and designed to explore you, the player, and the character you are coming up with.

Useful Links:
▶ DISC personality profile
▶ Languages of Love profile
▶ MBTI personality profile
▶ Pretty good Basic Trait List with opposites

1. What makes you want to play as this character?
    Is it to explore a playstyle? Leave your comfort zone? Have an easy time but with a new personality and in a new world?
2. How old are they?
    Age is a large factor in interactions and in character behaviour.
3. What motivates your character to grow and put in the effort?
    Leveling up is a tough job a character would be unlikely to do on a whim. Do they want more knowledge? Do they want to build something bigger than they are? Or are they entirely devoted to their work and faction? Why? What does it bring them? When has this desire first sparked?
4. What is their view of the world?
5. What are their strengths?

    Positive or virtuous character traits, and what they are good at.
6. What are their weaknesses?
    This could be anything. R had a character who’s been allergic to potions, and they had to roll 11+ on Fortitude to survive if they drank or have been forced to drink one. Playing a PC like that was fun with a risk of permadeath.
7. What are their character flaws?
    Make the flaws count. I’d recommend two for the start – one based on stats, the other being any impactful one.
8. What is your character good at doing?
    Their skills, hobbies, tasks from their past or current job.
9. What cannot your character grasp to learn to do?
10. What can they be excited about?
11. What do they fear?

    As a side note of advice, keep in mind Fear RP both with their fears and in critical RP situations that call for it.
Special word for paladins; the fear immunity would RP-wise only prevent from being paralysed by fear thanks to the strength of your will. Fear is a natural instinct and will be present. Aura of Courage feat shows mental training to hold oneself functional instead of crumbling under heavy stress.
12. Why would anyone spend time around your character?
    Exactly, why? What do they bring to the table? What pros outweigh their cons in the eyes of others?
13. List 4 likes and 4 dislikes.
    These can range from mild annoyances through unpleasant to straight out NO. Be specific. These are easy to link to their past and backstory.
14. List 5 specific little things about your character which haven’t been mentioned above.

Personality – Detail

In RP, it’s not only about the bulletpoints you choose your character to represent. Actions and thoughts determine a person, not who their distant relatives think they are. Many new traits will arise naturally or develop as the story continues. Therefore, for each of the traits on your list, write an example situation of when it displays. Be specific. This helps you to get a better hold of the new character you’re creating even before the roleplay starts.

Origins & Story

A series of questions to flesh out your character’s profile and their past. It would be awkward to not have anything to talk about during an evening of reminiscing about the past with the other party members.

    1. When were they born? Do you decide to have an astrological sign impact them?
    2. Where did they grow up?
    3. What was the situation there? How did it shape them?
    4. What is/was their family like? Or did they have a guardian/s?
    5. What was their childhood and youth like?
    6. Why have they chosen the path of {their class/multiclass}? Was it a choice or were they brought up into it? How does it influence their day-to-day life?
    7. For PCs with a Familiar/A.Companion – How did you meet? How did you bond?
    8. What brings them to the developing North of the Netheril Empire? Why Conch?

Write down all of these into your character’s file.


1. My character is perfect and it doesn’t need anyone else.
With this approach you miss out on character development, which is the best part of any RP. You never know what’s coming, and all of it being imaginary opens up a path of wonder if you allow it.

2. I made an evil character, what now?
Keep in mind that evil = focused solely on their own gain. Why wouldn’t they be nicer to certain people? If your character enjoys their company, or they are a survival tool, or a cloak against suspicions while you secretly work for a demon lord – it makes perfect sense!
An evil character would do good if it’d bring them closer to their goals or would be worth the hassle.
Take a cold mercenary as an example – Whether you pay them to protect the school trip or slaughter the school trip, they’re getting paid so they do it.

3. My character is a victim by profession etc.
This might be a starting point, but will likely change as your character grows more sure about their skillset, and as a person.
e.g.: A wizard who can open Gate rifts and wipe out villages with Horrid Wiltings is clearly someone who has endured a tough training of their mind to the point of being capable of concentrating on difficult spells in the stressful environment of an open battle – which influences how they behave to a certain extent.

4. I want my character to be a paragon of kindness or whatever ideal-thing else.
Amazing! Make an ingame story out of it and involve other PCs. A level 2 character has a long way ahead of them, after all.
Following the example – If your character desires to nurture the kindness within them – they could become a part of the Selunite order, donate to building of a chapel with an infirmary, sponsor a shelter… Anything can go. Consult a DM with your ideas.
Stuff like this is always welcome on the server. We had a charity house and two soup kitchens built in the past, and countless other projects have seen the light of the day as well.

5. My past character has been the best one and I won’t have such a good one ever again!
Each character can have something about them, every single one can develop in unexpected ways and bring out the living magic the RP is. Give it a chance!

I can’t take credit for all the above, we have Ritu to thank for most of this write up which can be found at the following link below.

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