Custom Content for NWN

Design Video’s

What Baldur’s Gate did and didn’t do right.

What Neverwinter Nights did and didn’t do right.

3D Models

Learn how to create 3D models using Blender


Learn how to create code/scripts for NWN


Learn how to texture models for NWN


Editing and working with NWN 2da’s


Check out the YouTube channel for creating NWN Custom Content

Creating Video’s

Create video’s and trailers using Blender


When it comes to creating custom content it really just comes down to if you want to do it or not. Because if you want to something then you will find the time to learn and/or do it. However if you don’t like or care for something then most of the time you just won’t get around to doing much of anything for or with it.

So the bottom line is find what you like/enjoy to do and you will excel.

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