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We are creating all new content needed to change NWN (Forgotten Realms) into the world of Athas (Dark Sun).

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This is really being created, however it isn’t being created by a company but by fans for fans. The models and screenshots you see have all been created. There for, thanks to all the people who are working on this project a 3D world of Athas is in the process of coming to life.

An online story driven persistent role-playing world, based around characters and their adventures, with a heavy emphasis on role playing.

Athas is a brutal and unforgiving post apocalyptic medieval world. It is a savage world with frightful challenges beyond every dun. As if the world wasn’t dangerous enough one could die just from the elements or simply miss managing ones resources. Athas is not  a world for the weak or the simple-minded-those who can not adapt, who cannot meet every challenge with confidence in their skills and abilities simply won’t survive.

This world is ancient, built upon and beneath the ruins of past empires, leaving the landscape dotted with places of adventure and mystery. It’s savage, primal landscape is the result of long centuries of ecological and magical abuses. The world is dying. It breathes its last gasps as water turns to silt, grasslands become sandy waste’s, and jungles decay into stony barrens. Still, life finds ways to endure even in these hellish conditions. In fact, it thrives.

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News & Updates

Currently working on all the models needed to create the City of Tyr. There is a good amount done but its still needs a lot of work, however it’s off to a nice start.

Thanks for the Amazing work Acidchalk and Draygoth. Its not only cool to see NWN being transformed to Dark Sun, but also seeing the quality of the game of NWN taken to another level.

Thanks to Isair for these wonderful models, the things he is working on for this projects is just Amazing

A lot of time and work is going into each of these terrains to try and get the right look for the world of Athas. Which Merricksdad is doing an Amazing job on.

Its been great trying to create well know places that player will get to explore.

Thanks to the following

  • Tileset by Merricksdad
  • Characters, Armor, Weapons by Acidchalk and Draygoth

There is a lot of work that goes into trying to get all these models to look as close to the artwork as we can.

We needed some scrubs to support herd animals

I just love all the terrain options, its allowing us we have to create so many different areas for players and creatures.

Are we creating it from scratch? No we are using NWN EE to create the world of Athas. Why you ask ?

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