We are non profit, we are a team of fans creating this project for fans in our free time after work, school, and/or family time. There for, even though some may work on this project a little everyday others may only get to work on it

  • Once a week
  • Once every two weeks
  • Or even once a month

    The point is that we work on it when we can so the more people we have working on it the better. Plus people can still feel like they can help even though they can’t help every day or week. After all any help is better then no at all and the more people we have working on it the less work any one person has to do.

    Some of these roles/positions have a high learning curve then others, but if your really want to learn one and are willing to put in the time and work to do so then it can be done. We have people on the team and in the NWN community that are more then willing to help people who really want to learn. However if you really dont want to or dont have the time then it would be best to help out with something that has a lower learning curve.

  • Scripters/Coders = High
  • 3D model Creator = High
  • Texture Creator = Medium
  • Writers for Adventure/Stories = Medium
  • Text/Word Doc editor = Low
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