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Why Darksun?

There are a few reasons why we decided on Dark Sun over other settings.

We played PnP (Pencil and Paper) Dark Sun for years up through high school and even a few years after that. We really liked how different the campaign setting was vs most other D&D setting.

* Dark Sun has a really large fan base across the internet from Twitter, Facebook groups,, and other websites.

* The only computer Dark Sun games I know of are two old 1990’s games, so there isn’t any other Dark Sun games out there for today’s players.


* So we felt that we could create something that

– We knew a lot about

– Had a large fan base already

– Was needed because there aren’t any other Dark Sun video games out there

    We also felt that Dark Sun would be so different from all the other NWN game servers/modules out there, which could go a long way at helping to pull new players and creators to the NWN community.

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