We are looking for good writers which will be the heart and soul of this project. Yes all of our 3D model that we are creating is nice and all, but to be honest its all just eye candy. Yes all the work that the model team is doing is going to help make this project look like Athas, which is really just helping to draw players in to your stories and adventures. That’s right players will learn to like, love, miss, hate, or even want to kill the NPCs that you create. Its your stories that will engage the players and keep them coming back for more.

We aren’t creating a theme park mmo and our focus isn’t on over powered characters, raid bosses and epic items. If players want that kind of thing there are a ton of other games out there for them.

This project is an RPG (Role Playing Game) its about the NPCs, the creatures, the stories, the world. We want you (the writer) to help bring it all to life. We want you all (the writers) to create interesting NPCs and stories.

Think about Athas as a living breathing world. A world with merchants, shopkeepers, dancers, guards, slaves, poor people, rich people, nobles, kids, animals, you name it. What all makes a world go round. What all jobs are needed. What all can and does go wrong in a world full of people doing all kinds of jobs fighting to get a head in life or on Athas just to live to see tomorrow.

You are going to help to bring the City of Tyr and the whole world of Athas to life.

The work you do will be the heart and soul of this project.

Interesting Stories and NPCs that can lead to future stories/adventures

For example:

  • An NPC helps you on an adventure but at the end they steal the reword. 
  • An NPC helps you on an adventure but before turning in the item you had to retrieve, some thugs jump you and take it, because the NPC who helped you owed them money
  • Merchants finding over caravan routes
  • An NPC was helping you out but they get killed right in front of you and they had a very young child with them that is now crying and alone.


First I want to start off by saying that we post on over 30+ website, from twitter, to different website forums, to all kinds of facebook groups. So to be honest have a very large following, with players from every walk of life. There for a lot of people are going to play through the stories that you create for this project. Which means your going to have a really large audience.

That said we fully believe that great stories can be told with really interesting NPCs that players can learn to like, love, miss, hate, or even want to kill. These stories can even be funny, scary, a mystery, or educational (about the world and or history of something) all while keeping it PG13.

We are Not saying that these stories need to be G or PG. We are only saying they need to be PG13 and Not R or X rated. That should keep them clean enough for most anyone to play while not being a kids story.

Things to think about

Location: A dark cathedral with stained glass windows. An NPC is kneeling before a stone casket in the center of the main room

Music: Background music of an organ playing introduces the scene but subsides

Characters: Main player, NPC named Thomas

Player Goal: Discover the location of the underground lair

Action: Player must initiate discussion with Thomas, upon first contact we activate cut scene (1) where Thomas morphs into a were-creature and summons his were-minions. Main character must battle the were-minions then re-initiate discussion with Thomas.

Flowchart: No decisions made at this point: If battle is completed Thomas reveals the entrance to the underground lair and player advances to that level. If player is defeated in battle revert to death cut scene (11) and move to try again screen.

Notes: Player is locked in the cathedral, and there is no exit. The only viable way out is to initiate contact with Thomas. Random were-creatures can be activated if player explores cathedral before talking with NPC.

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