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New Sky’s

We are working on New Sky’s for the project. We know and understand that there are fans who love Brom’s art for the world as well as people who are fans of Troy’s books. This is why we are doing what we can to blend the two together when creating these sky’s. We are tryingContinue reading “New Sky’s”

Adventure Highlight

The Rat’s Nest Just inside the Warrens from the ziggurat sits Shadow Square, a small entertainment district at the junction of five lanes. a dark painted brick building adorned with two lanterns with yellow stained glass dominate the center. The Rats’ Nest is the dive of choice among the city’s less discriminating drinkers. It’s gotContinue reading “Adventure Highlight”

The City State of Tyr

Hi all, we have just started putting some of the models together to create Tyr. There for the city will continue to slowly grow from this point on. We have a great team of people working on this project. Some really good scripters (code) and 3D model creators. These are our two stronger areas currently.Continue reading “The City State of Tyr”

Races and Armor Highlight

Just sharing another screenshot of the work that Acidchalk and Draygoth are doing with all the new Race and new armor/clothing models for this project.

Thanks Acidchalk and Draygoth for all you two have done and are still doing for this project and its fans.

Adventure Highlight

The boiled leather gates of an unknown lizard pave the way to the settlement known as Farrek’s Arena. As the caravan stops and you stroll down from it, you feel the scorching heat of the crimson sun. Soon the ruckus of merchants and peddlers alike fill your ears.

“Hey you!, yes you!”, says a gruff voice. As you turn around you see a thick dwarf with deep tanned skin and a worn leather vest. “Ye’ve got to pay Goinin for the caravan”, says the dwarf, but before you can muster a word from your parched throat he adds, “or you can help me get rid of some trouble, you interested?”.

“I’m Goinin and if you plan on staying long and survive Farrek’s Arena you better know who you can make deals with. Otherwise you better grow Baazrags eyes in the back your skull, oh and welcome!”

By: Dorumal / @jacekofurik

Dark Sun for NWN

We are creating all new content needed to change NWN (Forgotten Realms) into the Dark Sun.


Is one of two different Dark Sun servers in the works for NWN. The goal of SoT is to try and create a video game version of the Dark Sun PnP Campaign Setting with as many RP elements as we can to try and get the PnP RP feel.

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